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Dr. Mertens is a tradition family business serving the central region of Germany with offices in Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin.The present company, estabilshed in 1990, consits of around 10 employees, architects, engineers etc.

The company´s first international project was a Canadian-German joint venture with Toronto based Architect Alan Seymour RIBA, OAA. Dr. Mertens specialises in architectural programming, design, drafting, tenders and supervision. We are experienced in a variety of building categories and design projects including:

  • Science and culture (university institutes - pharamcy, chemistry, special health institutes)
  • Regional heritage (churches, last century villas, historical urban sites)
  • Urban design, facility studies (restructuring of different sites: manufacturing, housing, health)
  • Different types of housing (Family, co-op, multi-use)

Our clients include private companies, government and community departments, co-ops and churches.

Dr. Mertens has developed a good, reliable network of partners in special design areas and in all technical fields (structural systems,mechanical, electrical etc.) and available for international projects, especially in the field of high-tech equipment. To comply with good design and building practice the company has developed a Quality Management system, certified by AERO - Zert. We use CAD / ISDN / E-Mail / Apple-Macintosh.

Architekturbüro Dr. Mertens
Dr. Hans-Norbert Mertens
Kirchfährendorfer Straße 3
D-06231 Bad Dürrenberg
Tel.: +49 3462 87470
Fax.: +49 34 62 86388

Dr. Hans-Norbert Mertens

  • title, country: Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Dr. Ing., Germany; MBA, USA (N.Y.)
  • member of theArchitektenkammer Saxony-Anhalt; membership number: 0043-90-1-a, freelance
  • member of the Architektenkammer Berlin; membership number: 07234, freelance
  • city planner Saxony-Anhalt: 0909-94-1-d
  • operating number: 0 38 74 639
  • VAT No.: DE 139 729 336
  • member of the Bund Deutscher Architekten, BDA
  • member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA
  • member of the Bund Deutscher Grundstückssachverständiger, BDGS

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